Dr. Zhifu Xie

Department of Mathematics & Economics
Virginia State University

Office: HM 302SF
Phone: (804)524-5410
Email: zxie@vsu.edu

Dr. Zhifu Xie received his Ph.D. degree from  the Department of MathematicsBrigham Young University in 2006. He is currently a tenured Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics & Economics at Virginia State University.

Dr. Zhifu Xie was nominated for the 2010-2011and 2011-2012 SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award by Virginia State University. He was selected as a 2012 Outstanding Faculty Award Finalist by SCHEV.

Student Advising and Research:

If you are a VSU math major who is interested in doing undergraduate research, or a graduate student who is interested in doing research in applied differential equations, celestial Mechanics, or mathematical biology, you are welcomed to contact me for possible advising and Research Assistantship. Here is the list of undergraduate students I am previously advised. Summer 2015, undergraduate students use differential equations to model the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Here are their findings and presentations (Ebola in Liberia, Ebola in Sierra Leone)

Dr. Xie's research interests include:

  • Dynamical System
  • Celestial Mechanics, N-body Problem, Central Configurations, Hamiltonian System
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Elliptic Type)
  • Mathematical Biology

Research Grants:

PIC Math program at Virginia State University (2014-2015)

Research Initiation Award:Central Configurations, New Variational Method and Periodic Solutions in Celestial Mechanics  (NSF-HRD:1409939, 2014-2016)

Publications (all published papers available in pdf format).


N-Body Animation and Instruction  (A Java Applet which animates some orbits of N-body problem. Initial data are given in the format of position, velocity and mass)

Dr. Xie's Working Exprience:

  • August 2015  -- current, Professor, Virginia State University
  • August 2011  -- August 2015, Associate Professor, Virginia State University
  • August 2007 -- August 2011, Assistant Professor, Virginia State University
  • August 2006 -- August 2007, Visiting Assistant Professor, College of William & Mary.


Teaching (Fall, 2015) Teaching (Spring, 2015)
  • Math 495 Mathematical Seminar
  • Math 445 Introduction to Point-set Topology
  • Math 113 Basic Mathemtaics II
  • Math 495 PIC Math

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