Dr. Zhifu Xie

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Virginia State University

Office: HM 302SF
Phone: (804)524-5410
Email: zxie@vsu.edu ,   xiezhifu@hotmail.com

Dr. Zhifu Xie received his Ph.D. degree from  the Department of MathematicsBrigham Young University in 2006. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Virginia State University.

Dr. Zhifu Xie was nominated for the 2010-2011and 2011-2012 SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award by Virginia State University. He was selected as a 2012 Outstanding Faculty Award Finalist by SCHEV.

Summer Program: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Mathematics (pending availability of the funding by a grant of NSF-REU).

Dr. Xie's research interests include:

  • Dynamical System
  • Celestial Mechanics, N-body Problem, Central Configurations, Hamiltonian System
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Elliptic Type)
  • Mathematical Biology

N-Body Animation and Instruction  (A Java Applet which animates some orbits of N-body problem. Initial data are given in the format of position, velocity and mass)

Dr. Xie's Working Exprience:

  • August 2011  -- current, Associate Professor, Virginia State University
  • August 2007 -- August, 2011, Virginia State University
  • August 2006 -- August 2007, Visiting Assistant Professor, College of William & Mary.

Here is Dr. Xie's  CV.  

Teaching (Spring, 2014) Teaching (Fall, 2013)
  • MATH 261 Calculus II
  • Math 350 Differential Equations
  • MATH 112 Basic Mathematics I
  • Math 113 Basic Mathemtaics II
  • MATH 261 Calculus II

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